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Who We Are

GdaddyG.com is a statement of our convictions that we hold near our souls. It’s one thing to just give a stage where Employers and Freelancers can cooperate. Doing it in our own remarkable way is another.

We endeavor to be the chief stage where experts go to associate, team up, and finish work. We accept that the best work is finished in an adaptable and secure climate. With straightforwardness comes trust, and with a local area that is based on meritocracy, individuals are anxious to save contrasts in geology, legislative issues and religion to share and benefit from financial open doors.

Beginning around 1998, we have been working energetically out of our workplaces in Pittsburgh, PA, and Noida, India to transform these desires into the real world. We have fostered a nearby bond with our clients. As their requirements have transformed, we have developed our foundation to give the instruments and backing they need. Our clients show us, we learn and we develop. We welcome you to turn into a piece of our extending local area!

Our Mission

To unite Employers and Freelancers from around the globe to finish work.

Our Vision

To assist with building a superior world that is interconnected for success and wired for harmony.

Our Proposition

Associate, team up, and finish work in a protected and adaptable web-based climate.

Our Value System ‚Äč

Our qualities drive all that we do, from the innovation we use to the individuals we recruit.


Sustaining a feeling of certainty through straightforward and secure exchanges.


Inviting experts from varying backgrounds and perceiving their singular requirements.


Empowering responsibility for and collaborations to guarantee congruity on Guru.


Being fair and moral in all that we do.